I'm Najia, a data scientist, a writer, and an interdisciplinary soul who seeks novel solutions in the overlooked intersections of data science and AI. I love telling stories that are backed by data!

I'm currently employed at IBM where I work as a Data Science Consultant, developing end-to-end ML solutions for clients.

Before joining IBM, I was working with an agency to create technical content for multi-billion dollar companies. For half a decade, I've been at the intersection of technology and content, crafting narratives for tech companies like RedHat, Intel, Cohere, and Circle CI. I specialize in translating complex AI concepts into clear, compelling content tailored to each brand's unique voice. For published work, visit here.

My research interests intersect at LLMs and real-time machine learning, but I also get easily excited by any meaningful intersection of technology with other disciplines.

I'm generally open to being contacted, preferably via LinkedIn. If you have similar or dissimilar interests, never hesitate to reach out to me!